2017 Development Review

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 3:14 PM

Our Year 8, 9 and 10 Development teams played in the WAFL Development Carnival during the school holidays against Subiaco, East Fremantle, Claremont and a team from the South West. The WAFC’s Carnival objectives are to provide opportunities for the selected players to test themselves against the best emerging young footballers in a competitive match day environment that also develops and showcases each individual’s talents regardless of shape or size. East Perth also view this carnival and our program as an opportunity to improve our most talented players and to prepare them to play in the WAFL 16s and beyond.

Each club fields five teams. The Year 8 and Year 9 squads are split into two teams based on the age of players. Guided by Talent Manager Mick Moylan, East Perth were fortunate to have Head Coaches Michael Gladwell (Year 8’s), Geoff Abbott (Year 9’s) and Tony Sireon (Year 10). The Club is thankful for their efforts. The club is also grateful for our wonderful group of volunteers who helped coach and manage the teams. For the Year 8’s thank you too Tori Audino, Kenzie Dann, Jordan Peach, Mostyn Nannup, Aiden Halligan, Don Mcfall, Jordan Tabarra, Phil Clarke and Chris Cable. Year 9’s Derek Mathieson, Gemma Francis, Mick Watson, Nick Cox, Wendy Robertson, Dan Biddle and for the year 10 group Rob Marrocco and Reece Phoenix. Former Colts players James Kenny, Kade May and Cassidy Thompson were runners for the Y9s and our Club Trainers provided medical support.

Our Year 8 and Year 9 teams came from our Metro zone and our Year 10 team combined Metro and Country (Leeuwen and Lower South West) zoned players. Some Year 9 boys played games with the Year 10’s in preparation for the 2018 WAFL 16’s carnival.

Each team had objectives designed to help players move from school and community competitions to the Talent Pathway.

Our Year 8 teams were hoping to improve their ball security, team structures and balance around contests.

The Year 9 teams focus was to win one on one contests; to use controlled, shorter, angled kicks and to learn how team structures help us to move the ball and to defend our opponents.

The objectives for the Year 10’s were preparing the players to play at higher levels, adjusting for the increased speed and intensity in comparison to community level games and to understand the importance of decision making in maintaining possession of the football.

All our teams showed big improvements in each of their key areas over the carnival, which is a great credit to the players and coaches.

Outstanding performances were from Jedd Busslinger, Shayden Garlett, Tennessee Kickett, Deekyn Finnamore and Jordyn Baker (2004 born Y8); Jayden Peak, Anthony Campeotto, Taj Worsfold, Malcolm Garlett, Richard Farmer and Arthur Garlett (2003 Y8s); Riley May, Sidney Roberts, Jake Littleton, Daniel O’Loughlin and Ethan Sherwood (2003 Y9s); Tom Druzianich, Jy Thompson, Luke Lombardi, Dylan Walker and Lewis Tester (2002 Y9s) and Kalani Brooks, Kade Dittmar, Adam Boules, Jaylen Colegate, Cody Nash and Michael Thomas (Y10).

Carnival results can be viewed at http://wafc.com.au/news/13492/2017-wafl-talent-carnival.

East Perth would like to thank all players, parents and volunteers for their efforts during and leading up to the Carnival.