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Coat of Arms - East Perth FC

East Perth's unique coat of arms was designed by a former Town Clerk of Perth, W. McIver Green. The Latin motto on the coat of arm means, literally, 'May we remain Royal today, yesterday and tomorrow'. The rising sun denotes the east and the shield of the Perth City Council (the Perth aspect), thus giving us East Perth. 

The black and blue chevron shows the colours of the Club and the golden crown, or circlet, at thetop left hand corner signifies the Royal aspect of the coat of arms. Such a circlet was reputedly worn by William the Conqueror on State occasions. The crest shows a headpiece from a suit of armour, the heraldic significance being that it belongs to a warrior or a veteran of the tournament. 

The torn mantling on the visor was a source of pride to a knight, as it showed that he had been in combat. From this we now derive the expression 'torn to ribbons', which is particularly appropriate to today's football, where quite often players will have part of their uniform torn apart because of the vigour of their opponents.