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Times Are Changing For WAFLW

Friday, March 1, 2024 - 11:06 AM

The length of matches for the 2024 WAFLW season will be extended following a rule change by the West Australian Football Commission.

This season, quarters will last 20 minutes with no time on, up from 18 minutes in 2023.

WAFLW Anti Density Rules have also been altered and will be consistent across League and Rogers Cup matches.

For Around Ground Stoppages and Kick Ins :

* Three forwards are to be inside their attacking half, with one forward to be inside 50

If the Anti Density Rules are not adhered to, the following penalties apply :

* A team shall receive one warning per game before a free kick and a 50m penalty is given

Head of WAFL Competitions at the West Australian Football Commission Luke Sanders has explained the reasons behind the change.

“The introduction of the anti-density rules in the WAFLW league provides an environment that best develops and showcases the talents of players and reduces the density of players around the football at stoppages,” Sanders said.

“It will eliminate the full ground press which will enable forwards and defenders to continue to develop their attacking and defending skills and will promote more one on one contests.

“The introduction of the anti-density rules will spread the game and enable players to play to structures.

“Trials in the preseason have resulted in less congestion and higher scoring, which will continue to enhance the development of players and coaches, which will lead to a better spectacle for supporters.”

The criteria around AFLW Player Match Selection have also been adjusted.

  • A WAFLW Club may have up to a maximum of two (2) AFLW Contracted Players from each WA AFLW Club at any one WAFLW Club for each match during the Home and Away season and Final Series.
  • A WAFLW Club may exceed the maximum total of two (2) AFLW contracted players from one (1) West Australian AFLW Club, if the combined total number of AFLW contracted players at the WAFLW club does not exceed four (4) players in any match.